A Brief Introduction: A Good Place to Start

My name is Deseree and I am originally from the South Hills of Pittsburgh, currently living in Fox Chapel. I am a SAHM, as well as a fitness instructor at The Barre Code. I went to undergraduate school at the University of Pittsburgh where I studied English Literature and Philosophy. I went on to do my graduate studies at Pitt, getting my Master’s in Secondary English Education. After teaching high school seniors, I was worn down. So I wandered a bit, I existed, I had fun, I read, I drank a lot of coffee. Soon after I met Hashem, now my husband, a Lebanese transplant to Pittsburgh (and the most lovely, wonderful man I’ve ever met). Somehow I found myself on a plane headed to Beirut, Lebanon. Yes, my first trip on an airplane, my first trip out of the United States, was to the Middle East. Not your everyday destination, but it turned out to be one of the most cultural and beautiful places I have ever been, still to this day. There is simply nothing like the smell of orange blossoms and jasmine blossoms in the village at spring time. I could go on, but for now I will remain brief (stay tuned for a travel guide to Beirut, where I go on and on about why you should visit). We married in 2014, and a year later in August welcomed our exquisite daughter, Nesrine Nour, into the world. And our world changed. Forever. And for the better.

In the last 19 months, we have taken 2 international trips (to Lebanon), and countless other trips to various cities in the US. It is my goal with this blog to share with you what I have learned (and what I continue to learn) as my family grows and as we continue to explore the world. We are expecting our second girl this June, so join me as we figure out how to become a family of  F O U R: baby gear, sleep, feeding, routine…time to do it all over again!

The world awaits…Bon voyage!

Xoxo, D

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