Maya Reem: 7 Month Update

Snapseed 6 

Maya is almost 7 months so I guess it’s time to do her 6 month update post Okay time passed even more everyone! It is now that Maya is almost 8 months, so here is our 7 month update! …over half a year flew by oh my! Like one of my favorite podcast’s title, it has been the absolute longest shortest time. This month, however, has really turned a corner for all of us as a family of four, but also in my confidence and calmness handling 2 little people all day alone. We have had huge strides in our sleeping habits and routine, and that has made ALL the difference for everyone. 


Even though we have been sick for what feels like months (Maya had bronchiolitis, croup, multiple colds. Nesrine just had cold after cold after cold, phew!), we have somehow managed to mostly sleep train Maya. She is still having 1-2 night wakings but is sleeping 12 hours in her crib in her room and soothing herself to sleep. After I gave up one her taking a pacifier, she has suddenly found a new love for it these past few weeks! This is leaps and bounds from the nursing all night in our bed situation where no one was getting sound, restorative sleep. It is so refreshing to be able to put her to bed at night and then have time to enjoy Nesrine’s bedtime routine and have some time with just her (sometimes the only time all day she gets one-on-one time).  She is also putting herself to sleep for naps, although they are still unpredictable: sometimes 45 min, sometimes over an hour. I am still trying to find her perfect wake-time (I have pinned it down to around 2.5 hours now). I think in a few more weeks as her sleep matures and we keep consistent with her routine she will be able to drop those night feeds painlessly. Our sleep experience with Maya has been in a word: tumultuous. Many tears have been shed (hers and mine) and lots of doubts on my part. 

We started with a CIO method of sleep training. You can read about it here. We did this with N and it was so easy. We ended up with a modified version of this with less crying because Maya kept getting sick and so we kept starting and stopping…we couldn’t maintain the consistency that this plan requires, and I am certain that is the root of all of our sleep troubles with her. But I persevere because the way I see it is a well-rested baby means well-rested mama. And a well-rested mama is more patient, kind, empathetic, energetic, and present. The benefits of a well-rested baby need not be mentioned here, too obvious! 😉 I’ll suffer through a few tears for a lifetime of good sleep habits. I suppose I should note that this is not the only method but this is what worked for our family. 



We are transitioning from 3 to 2 naps, and that makes the days a bit unpredictable still but knowing she takes naps at around a certain time is really great! And she naps in her crib without any drama, so Nesrine and I get to spend time just us playing or cooking. Her and I really needed that. Or even better they both nap around the same time in the afternoon and I get some time to actually sit here and do some writing!! 


Snapseed 9.jpg

Maya. Loves. Food. This 22 pounder eats 3 solid meals of purée now, and I am really proud of myself for making her food. I wasn’t sure with the 2nd child if I’d be able to keep up making my own baby food, but I actually find it to be really fun and creative and I like that its fresh and simple. Her favorite mix is a “cream of chicken”: Sweet potato, carrots, and chicken breast. Every mom needs a Beaba, I honestly don’t think I could make food so easily without it (P.S. this is not an ad, I just really love my Beaba). 


Maya is known in our house as “the screecher”. She enjoys watching Nesrine play, shaking shakers, chewing everything, and screeching at the top of her lungs with a big grin on her face. I suppose she realized that is how she can get all eyes on her! She also learned how to clap and loves to sit and clap for her big sister. I am really loving how Maya and Nesrine can interact lately, and I even occasionally get them both happily playing!

All in all, life is improving! I honestly never thought this day would ever come. But alas I am enjoying most of our days! Hope to be posting more from here on out. Tell me: How did you handle life with two kids? 

xoxo, D

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