Second Time Around: What’s In My Hospital Bag

This week was bag packing week! I unpacked our bags from D.C. and filled up┬ámy duffle and diaper bag with all the essentials, which also made me realize that I actually have to give birth in 4-6 weeks yeeee! I am more nervous about this birth experience┬ábut also more excited. I feel more prepared since I already know in general what to expect during and after labor, but┬áat the same time that also makes me more anxious! Especially┬ábecause this time I also┬áhave a toddler who is suddenly very attached to me. Last time, I packed a lot of unnecessary items such as┬ámy bose music player and an inflatable exercise ball…both of which went untouched, and didn’t bring things like nursing pads! I had a birth playlist all picked out and a printed out birth plan. Ha!! Granted, I had a very quick labor (4 hours) so there just wasn’t the opportunity to even want music, and my birth plan was very open┬ábut all of that goes out the window the moment the baby’s heart starts to┬ádecelerate. The point: I have lived and learned, and therefore the contents of my hospital bag are quite a bit different than the first time.┬áWith that in mind, in┬áthis post I will tell you all the lovely things I am putting in my bag (for me and for baby)!┬á Continue reading