Being a Mom of T W O 

Being a mom of one is no easy task. But no one can prepare you for the reality of being a mom of two (especially two under 2). I started this post in hopes of writing about my positive experiences so far, but quite honestly that would be a disservice to you other moms out there. Because the truth is that right now it sucks most of the time. The first few weeks Maya slept a lot (as newborns do) and I thought I had this parent thing in the bag. But then in the last 2 weeks or so she started to be awake more. And fussy more. And wanting to be held more (aka all the time).  Paired with a 23 month old who wants attention but also needs me physically (lifting her into her high chair and crib, helping her on the stairs,  changing her diapers, cutting up her food, etc.) I find myself often feeling overwhelmed when they both need me simultaneously. As a result, I feel nervous and anxious a lot of the time…Will Maya need to nurse when I need to be getting Nesrine in for her nap? After all, a mere 15 minutes is the difference between a long, restful nap and a short, restless one.  And so forth.. Continue reading

Dealing With Toddler Frustration

As we inch closer to 2, N has definitely started acting out in full toddler form, biting me or her toys when she gets upset, throwing herself on the floor, refusals to comply, etc. The usual stuff. It’s so hard to stay calm sometimes even though I’m repeating to myself that she doesn’t understand yet, she’s only 1. What we as moms and dads need to constantly keep reminding ourselves (especially when everything spirals out of control) is that they can’t express themselves yet. Language is still developing and they can’t say exactly what they want, even though they know exactly what they want/need. I tell myself probably daily to put myself in her shoes and imagine how incredibly frustrating it must be to understand the world around you (to some extent at least) but not be able to fully engage in it. Hence the full on meltdowns for reasons often unbeknownst to me. I have been trying out some different preventative techniques in the last months so that her and I can avoid getting to the tantrum point to start with. I want to share these strategies with you mamas of 1-2 year olds out there (I’ve heard 3 and 4 year olds can be just as challenging, but that is a whole different ball game!). They have worked wonders for us, so I hope they can help you, too! 

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